Pendant Width: 18 mm Height: 36 mm ~ on an 18″ curb chain.

Supplied in a St Justin gift box

Ancient Labrys Axe Pendant

  • This axe, known as a labrys, features a short handle with two half moon blades. The labrys is of Minoan origin and dates back to around 1500 BC. It was not used as a weapon but was worn by priestesses as an object of veneration, just as a cross is worn today.

  • The venerable alloy of pewter is made of 92% tin with copper and antimony to harden it and enhance casting. At St Justin the distinguished tradition of casting pewter lives on. High quality pewter ingots are fused in a crucible and the molten metal is poured into rubber moulds created from the original master design. 

    After cooling and linishing, the items are hand-polished and assembled by craftsmen.

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